Reframing Dutch Culture

Introduction, Peter Jan Margry and Herman Roodenburg. Part I Otherness and Identity: Moroccan Dutch boys and the authentication of clothing styles, Hester Dibbits; Celebrating localism: the festive articulation of Texel's identity, Rob van Ginkel; Public folklore and the construction of a regional identity in newly reclaimed Dutch polders, Albert van der Zeijden; Appropriating modernity and tradition: the Turkish-Dutch and the imaginary geography of East and West, Hilje van der Horst. Part II Performance: Performative memorials: arenas of political resentment in Dutch society, Peter Jan Margry; Crop circle tales: narrative testimonies from the Dutch Frontier Science Movement, Theo Meder; Commemorating victims of 'senseless violence'; negotiating ethnic inclusion and exclusion, Irene Stengs. Part III Heritage and Authenticity: Transforming notions of mercy at work: the changing mission of the Fraters of Tilburg in secularized Dutch society, Martin Ramstedt; Vernacular authenticity: negotiating Mother's Day and Father's Day in the Netherlands, John Helsloot; Singing in Dutch dialects: language choice in music and the dialect renaissance, Louis Peter Grijp; Their own heritage: women wearing traditional costumes in the village of Marken, Herman Roodenburg. Part IV Historiography and Bibliography: A history of Dutch ethnology in 10 pages, Peter Jan Margry and Herman Roodenburg; Bibliographic information on Dutch ethnology; Appendix; Index.